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CFPB issues fourth Financial Literacy Annual Report

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The CFPB has issued its fourth Financial Literacy Annual Report to Congress.  The report covers the CFPB’s activities to improve consumer financial literacy during the period from October 2015 through September 2016.  The report discusses the CFPB’s financial literacy strategy, its financial education initiatives (which include consumer tools and information and collaborations with community institutions… More >

CFPB releases issue brief on financial education programs serving immigrant populations

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The CFPB has released an “issue brief” entitled “Financial Education Programs Serving Immigrant Populations.”  The report is intended “to raise visibility about the financial education challenges that many immigrants face.” The report shares the results of a “field scan” in which the CFPB identified financial education programs and providers and spoke with experts in the… More >

CFPB releases financial education curriculum tool

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The CFPB has released a “youth financial education curriculum review tool” for curriculum developers and educators to use to review financial education materials and determine which curricula best suits their students.  The tool is intended to address the needs of the education community which, according to the CFPB, is increasingly recognizing the importance of requiring… More >

Financial Services Roundtable and CFPB join forces in financial education initiative

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The Financial Services Roundtable and CFPB are joining forces in a nationwide public-private initiative to promote effective financial education.  According to an announcement posted on the Roundtable’s website, the CFPB and Roundtable plan to work together to facilitate the gathering and sharing of information about effective financial education strategies, to encourage adoption of financial education… More >

CFPB plans to launch financial education project for disabled individuals

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The CFPB continues to seek comments on its plans to launch in the winter of 2015 what it describes as “a multi-site financial education demonstration project to provide one-on-one and group financial counseling/coaching services to individuals with disabilities transitioning into the workplace or already employed.” The project has two goals.  One goal is to improve… More >

Director Cordray provides update on CFPB’s public library partnerships

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In his remarks last week at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Director Cordray spoke about the partnerships that the CFPB is building with public libraries around the country to promote accessible financial education information for consumers. Director Cordray noted that the Columbus Metropolitan Library system was one of the first nine public libraries from across the country… More >

CFPB issues report on employee financial wellness

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Last week, the CFPB published a report entitled “Financial wellness at work” that reviews “promising practices to promote financial wellness in the workplace.”  The CFPB’s research found that particularly since the recession, financial distress is widespread among the American workforce and can result in large associated costs to employers in terms of productivity loss and… More >

CFPB launches new financial education efforts directed at low-income consumers

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Last week, the CFPB announced a new partnership with national and local nonprofit and public social services programs across the country to train staff to provide financial education and tools to clients with low-to-moderate incomes.   As part of that partnership, the CFPB unveiled a new online toolkit entitled “Your Money, Your Goals.”  The toolkit, which… More >

Cordray emphasizes federal and local government cooperation on financial literacy

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Director Cordray spoke at the Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) Field Hearing this week, emphasizing the federal government’s role as the nation’s single largest employer. In order to lead by example, Director Cordray described how the CFPB has been working with the Office of Personnel Management and the Department of Labor to encourage and… More >

CFPB launching community financial education project

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The CFPB has announced that it plans to launch a new Community Financial Education Project in which it will work with public libraries across the country to help them provide free financial information and referrals.  The launch will be the subject of an event hosted by the CFPB’s Office of Financial Education that is scheduled for… More >

CFPB issues report on evaluating financial capability strategies

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Earlier this week, the CFPB issued a report entitled “Rigorous evaluation of financial capability strategies: Why, when and how.”  The report is an outgrowth of research the CFPB is conducting to learn what approaches to financial education are most effective.  The research is intended to inform the CFPB’s efforts to develop and implement financial education initiatives… More >

CFPB issues study comparing financial education and financial marketing spending

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Earlier this week, the CFPB issued a study comparing annual spending on financial education to  annual spending on financial industry marketing efforts.  Intended to support the CFPB’s call for increased financial education and financial skill building opportunities for American consumers, the study’s key findings are that 25 times as much is spent on marketing financial products… More >

CFPB proposes more information collections

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Earlier this week, the CFPB published in the Federal Register a request for comments on its plans to submit a request to the Office of Management and Budget for generic clearance of an information collection to assist the CFPB’s development of financial education initiatives.  According to the CFPB’s notice, the collection “will focus on identifying… More >

CFPB seeks information on financial education initiatives

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The CFPB has issued a reminder that comments on its Request for Information on Effective Financial Education are due by October 31, 2012.  Published in the Federal Register on August 2, the request seeks responses to a series of questions designed to assist the CFPB’s Office of Financial Education in developing “effective financial education approaches… More >

Financial education for servicemembers: CFPB wants information

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The CFPB’s Office of Servicemember Affairs wants to know what consumer financial services and products and financial education opportunities are now offered to servicemembers and their families. These are among the questions the Office has asked in a request for information published today.  According to the Office, the answers it obtains will help it develop… More >