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Tenth Circuit ruling on constitutionality of SEC administrative judges: implications for CFPB

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Just before year-end, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, in Bandimere v. United States Securities and Exchange Commission, set aside an SEC decision finding the petitioner liable for violating various securities law on the grounds that the SEC’s administrative law judge (ALJ)  who conducted the proceeding was unconstitutionally appointed.  The Tenth Circuit held… More >

D.C Circuit rejects constitutional challenge to SEC’s use of administrative law judges

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A challenge to the constitutionality of the SEC’s use of administrative law judges (ALJ) was rejected by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.  In Raymond J. Lucia Companies, Inc. et al. v. Securities and Exchange Commission, the petitioners contended that the SEC’s decision imposing sanctions for violations of the Investment Advisors Act should… More >

More on the CFPB’s administrative law judge job posting

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We reported earlier this week that the CFPB had recently posted a job opening for an administrative law judge (ALJ) and that the government jobs website indicated that the position was closed.  We saw this as suggesting that the position has been filled. In response to our blog post, Judge James G. Gilbert, Chief Administrative Law Judge with the United… More >

CFPB seeks to hire administrative law judge

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The CFPB recently posted a job opening for an administrative law judge (ALJ).  According to the government jobs website, the position is closed which suggests that it has been filled.  A recent Politico article indicated that the CFPB posted the opening because it has ended its arrangement with the SEC to borrow ALJs.  (The Politico article… More >